Application - Zidius |Accepted|

  • Name : Zidius

    Age: 18

    Steam Profile URL:

    Location: Norway

    Why would you like to join us?: I got Friends in this regiment.

    Which regiments did you serve with already?: A lot of regiments been playing M&B since 2011.

    How many hours do you have on Mount and Blade : Warband?: *2170* 1430 on Main account 740 on old account.

    Do you accept the regimental Code of Conduct?: Yes

  • According to your steam groups, you're part of the 5e, and the HRE.

    I have never even gone to a 5e event and I have gone to a single HRE event as a Merc if they put me on the roster I don't really care i'm in a ton of regimental steam groups. I'm not active in them and i'm not even in them as far as I know. I'm sure most of the steam groups i'm in have me on the roster most people don't update their rosters.

  • My steam group list is the closest I get to any record of me being in regiments. If you want it so badly I can ask the leaders to take me of the roster but i'm not leaving the steam groups. Nor should it matter if I am in steam group. You can easily check if I go to their events instead of yours and I would not double reg especially not to the HRE XD I went to a single event in their cavalry detachment where they had 4 people 1 leader and 1 NCO who had never ever in their history of NW lead cavalry but just by asking the HRE leader they got to lead the Cavalry detachment of one of the biggest NW regs. Which is quite funny tbh. Anyway i'm not in them and I can ask to be removed from the roster but with all due respect i'm not leaving the steam group and I wont leave your steam group either unless I am kicked. (After it disbands or I quit playing with you guys)

    Its the only way for me to keep a small record of the regiments I have been in. If you want people to vouch for my "Loyalty" or "non doubbleregging" im sure 2 people in your regiment can and one of them Especially knows how Loyal I have been,

  • Membership in a regimental steam group = membership in a regiment, If you are so adamant to leaving the HRE steam groups perhaps a regiment which doesn't allow double reg is not for you.

    Can I leave the HRE group then and then will I be allowed in?

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