Application - Vegi |Accepted|

  • Name: Vegi

    Age: 18

    Steam Profile URL:

    Location: Belgium

    Why would you like to join us?: There are some cool kids in the Nr2. Some from the old Nr5/5th or my old Regiment the 21e.

    Which regiments did you serve with already?: Sadly a lot of regs

    92nd (Gordon's Highlander) Regiment (Left)

    rank: Grenadier

    21e/27e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne (Disbanded cuz Health and work stuff)
    Rank: Colonel

    5th (Northumberland) Regiment of Foot (Kicked Out)
    Rank: Private

    Nr.7 Grenadier Regiment (Left)
    Rank: Lieutenant (1iC Center)

    77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot (Merged)
    Rank: Colonel

    79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot (Disbanded)
    Rank: LanceCorporal

    17e Régiment D'infanterie (Disbanded)
    Rank: Soldat de Deuxième

    57e (Les Terribles) Régiment d'infanterie de Ligne (Disbanded)
    Rank: Corporal

    Nr5 (Kleist) Infanterie Regiment (Left)
    Rank: Gefreiter

    3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot (Disbanded)
    Rank: Kingsman

    24e Regiment d'Infanterie (Merged)
    Rank: Soldat de Première

    25th (King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot (Left)
    Rank: Kingsman

    How many hours do you have on Mount and Blade : Warband?:

    2250 hours

    Do you accept the regimental Code of Conduct?: Yes

  • I also need to apology to Dan and Rhen.

    Dan: I'm sorry talking behind your back and trolling in the 5th (If you got problems with me tell me, otherwise it won't work i think)

    Rhen: Sorry about the bitching on GF server, I thought we were just messing and bitching around.

  • You will be given a special trial period of two weeks in which we expect perfect behaviour. Failure to comply to our Code of Conduct or Guidebook will result in your immediate removal from the regiment.

    And on that note:

    Congratulations on being accepted as a member of the Infanterie-Regiment No.2 "Herzog Wilhelm, Württemberg". You are required to add Major Daniel on steam and to accept the steam group invitations that will be sent to you.

    Make sure to read the regimental guidebook.

    If you have any questions please direct them to any member of our officer staff.


    Leutnant Rhen

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